tipos de accidente de trabajo más comunes

Accidents at work are a risk to which workersof any company are exposed, and although precautions can be taken to prevent them, the reality is that every year in Spain there are more than 400,000 accidents at work.

Most common are work accidents that occur during the working day,although work
accidents can also occur in itinere, which are those suffered during
travel from home to the workplace, and vice versa.

Occupational risk is the possibility of a worker being harmed by the performance of his/her work activity.

Undoubtedly prevention is the best tool to prevent an accident at work, being the responsibility of the company to guarantee safe working conditions, and performing an assessment of the possible risks through technicians specialized in P repair ofOccupational Risks.

Therefore, from AYCE Laborytax we wanted to review the most common types of work accidents,so that you can be prevented, take appropriate action and thus reduce risks.

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Who pays the drop for an employee’s work accident?

What are the types of accidents that occur the most in Spain?

> Falls, slips and stumbles

One in four occupational accidents in Spain are the result of falls, slips and stumbles,due to many situations:

  • Inappropriate footwear.
  • Carry excessive weight.
  • Loss of attention.
  • Debris on the ground.
  • Objects out of place.
  • Lack of lighting.
  • Slippery surfaces,… Etc.

Therefore, special care must be taken when we are working and pay attention to the environment and the action we take, trying to always ensure that employee safety always first.

> Falls in height

After falls at the same level, falls in height are another of the most common types of work accidents,finding on the stairs the main cause of such accidents, which in some cases can cause very serious injuries.

We should be careful when we need to do a job at height and secure the working tool (ladder, crane,… etc.) and our balance to avoid accidents.

> Hits

Shocks are also a cause of work accident,especially in warehouses that store a lot of objects at height. In many cases the cause usually happens that a piece of furniture is not fully anchored and loses stability by causing shock to the employee working with it at that time.

In these cases, we must check from time to time the safety of our furniture and ensure assembly to avoid these accidents.

> Muscle tears

Muscle tears are also very common and often due to excessive exertion. They usually affect the areas of the neck and back, because they are usually the areas that exert the most effort and tension when working.

Maintaining good physical fitness and performing postural breaks can help us avoid these overescent and consequent injury.

> Cuts and wounds

Cuts and wounds are also the order of the day in workspaces,especially when working with sharp or sharp objects, which can lead to serious accidents. The main causes of cuts and injuries are poor training, distractions or lack of safety in handling.

To avoid them, we must learn how to handle work tools well and stay tuned during use.

> Contacts with the mains

About 2,000 work accidents each year occur through contacts with the electricity grid,either direct or indirect. The main causes are the handling of the electrical grid without being trained, the lack of protection, unhealthy or unmarked installations.

Working with electricity means being very conscientious about protection and prevention. Therefore, keeping teams up to date, having a responsible attitude and the right knowledge, can be preventing and avoiding accidents of this type.

> Repeated wear and tear

Repeated joint or muscle wear is becoming more common,especially in those jobs where the same movements are performed every day. The body assumes movement as a mechanic and can resent it. Therefore, the most effective to avoid this type of accident, are stretching and proper rest.

> Inhalation of toxic fumes

Such accidents are not the most common, because few people work with hazardous chemicals, but among those who do, inhaling toxic fumes is another cause of workplace accidents. In this case, protective equipment is essential in this type of work to prevent accidents.

> Continuous exposure to loud noises

Continued exposure to loud noises can cause serious ear problems, in fact, industrial deafness is very common among workers who work exposed to loud noises during their workday.

As in the previous case, having good protective equipment is essential to maintaining the health of our workers.

> Stress and anxiety

All workers are exposed to stress and anxiety,which can also be considered as workplace accidents. The reason is that they affect the health of the worker and may even lead to psychic and physical diseases.

In these cases, we must have constant communication with employees to avoid situations that put their health at risk.

tipos de accidente de trabajo más comunes


Although the typology of occupational accidents varies depending on the activity that the worker performs, these are the most common types of occupational accidents in our country and that you must prevent to ensure the safety of all your employees with the implementation of a quality Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.