As usual in the first hours of the start of the income campaign, the website of the Tax Agency has collapsed due to the avalanche of requests to obtain the draft and confirm it.

The pace of presentation and consultation of the draft income tax return has normalized after five o’s time in the afternoon after having registered problems and collapse since the beginning of the day. According to sources from the Tax Agency, at that time the rate of filing returns was 600 per hour compared to 500 a year ago also on the first day of the campaign. Which means that the pace is already higher and that the service has been normalized. In any case, these difficulties for taxpayers have caused a jamming effect on the data accumulated throughout the day. This has led to a decrease in the amount of returns submitted.

By early morning, traffic had increased by 25%,which means an increase in more than 315,000 taxpayers who had requested the service that gives access to obtain the reference number and process the draft and obtain the tax data. However, technical difficulties have resulted in the volume of declarations submitted and confirmed at seven o’clock in the afternoon being 124,000, 60% less than a year ago.

Sources from the Tax Agency affirm that this avalanche is not only due to the desire of taxpayers to obtain their refund as soon as possible, but also to the interest in browsing the new Renta Web platform. “We’ve observed that people who didn’t used to be in such a hurry are coming online. In addition, the high interactivity of the product increases traffic,” they say.

Renta Web integrates the benefits of the processing of the draft and the PADRE program. It is simpler and easier to handle. In addition, it allows you to view the page from any device and be able to confirm the draft from your mobile in three clicks.