The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain (ICJCE), propose to the Government to eliminate the problems that the new Audit Law (LAC) is raising. To this end, they will request an independent supervisor because they consider that this figure is essential for an adequate supervision of the financial information and the specialized opinions expressed in the audit reports.

Both the president of the Mario Alonso Institute and the president of the Territorial Association of the Basque Country, Santiago Eraña; the president of the Institute of Accounting and Auditing of Accounts (ICAC), Ana María Martínez Pina; and the president of REA+REGA, Carlos Puig de Travi, who participated in the X Audit Forum of the Basque Country, consider that it is essential to modify the new LAC to avoid the loss of competitiveness it generates and favor investment and job creation. They also point out as a step back, the regulations on the operation of the ICAC Audit Committee

Regarding the change in the supervisory model, they agree with the Council of State, the European Union and the international organizations that represent the audit sector at the international level, such as IFAC and FEE, that it is necessary to increase the autonomy of the supervisor of the audit of accounts with respect to political power.

More than 2,100 jobs in 2015

The audit sector has remained a generator of young and quality employment, even in the years of greatest economic crisis. Last year, the offer increased by 5%, to exceed 2,100 new jobs, of which almost 80% are aimed at recent graduates, according to a study carried out by the 1st Group of the ICJCE among nine of the most prestigious national and international firms.

In addition, the study confirms that in all the companies consulted there is a professional career plan that, in addition to allowing to know the process of promotion and evaluation of the work, is accompanied by a strong investment in training with more than 40 hours per year per worker.