In order to have motivated and productive workers,our recommendation is that you strive to make them feel comfortable and satisfied with their job, since in this way, it will be much easier and more rewarding to achieve their goals.

In fact, the well-being of employees should be one of the main priorities of every company,to obtain better results, create an optimal work environment and be able to forge high-performance work teams.

To achieve this, there are different work motivation techniques that will boost employee satisfaction,improve the work environment, and make work teams more productive as well as efficient.

Below we are going to tell you some of the most outstanding.

1 – Labor flexibility

More and more companies are betting on offering work flexibility to their employees,allowing them to work from home or independent offices, with the aim of allowing them to perform their jobs, without giving up their personal life.

Today, thanks to new technologies, many jobs can be performed from anywhere,simply by having a computer and internet connection. This translates into greater flexibility in working hours, as well as a greater sense of trust and responsibility placed in the worker.

2 – Recognition of the worker

There is nothing more rewarding for a worker, that their bosses recognize their work. A recognition that can be carried out in different ways, such as financial incentives, promotions, days off, greater responsibilities,… Etc.

Knowing how to recognize a job well done is key to achieving work motivation and employee satisfaction,which will also show that you are aware of the work they do, and that you take talent management into account.

3 – Training

Offering the possibility of training with the aim of improving their skills,will be of great help to get a worker to feel satisfied, used and valued.

The employee will understand this option as a possibility to learn and improve,which will be beneficial for him, but also for you, since that new knowledge acquired can be developed in your company, improving both productivity and the achievement of objectives.

4 – Work-life balance

That a worker feels confident that their bosses will respect and support their decisions is very important for them to feel comfortable in the company. Therefore, you should be open and convey confidence, so that every worker can convey any concern or doubt about the work, with the peace of mind and guarantee that it will be heard.

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5 – Make work a game

The technique of “gamification” consists of making work a game,through the use of different tools and techniques of games, within a non-playful area.

Those companies that have opted for this technique have obtained very good results, since they allow workers achieve their objectives and perform their functions, through methods very different from those found in a conventional work routine, which will be much more enjoying, fun and will also favor the good atmosphere among employees.

6 – Greater autonomy for employees

By giving employees greater autonomy, the rigidity of daily tasks is eliminated, being the worker himself who chooses the way in which he carries out his daily work according to his needs, away from the strict control by the bosses, as long as they comply with the scheduled deadlines and the objectives set are reached.

7 – Take care of workspaces

Taking care of employees’ workspaces is key so that they feel satisfied and can carry out their tasks in the best possible conditions.

It is important to look at how the company’s facilities can be improved to boost employee productivity, and make them feel comfortable doing their jobs.

Make sure they have all the necessary materials to face the workday,as well as a large and comfortable space, which allows them to perform to the maximum during all the time they spend in the office.

In addition, you should pay attention to the rest areas enabled for workers, as they must allow them to disconnect and rest, and then return to work more strongly.



If you want to have motivated and highly productive workers, we guarantee that if you apply these 7 work motivation techniques,you will not only get a higher performance and better results; but you will also have workers satisfied and happy to be performing the work they do in your company.