Teletrabajo y familia: claves para conciliar

Now that telework has been fully implemented in most companies in our country, many workers have realized that telework involves much more time than it seems, andif they don’t take action, they even end up working longer hours than in the office itself.

The lack of custom and being at home for much of the day makes reconciling work and personal life complicated,mainly because we don’t need to go to our job.

Although telework is first shown as an option to reconcile work and family, thereality is that for this we must know well how to do it. That’s why in this post we want to give you a series of key tips to reconcile the telework and the family,and that will certainly be of great help to you not to work more hours than you should, not to lower productivity and to have time for your family.

Do you like the idea? Well, take note and start enjoying the advantages of teleworking.

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Keys to reconciling work and personal life during telework

> Set a schedule

The most important thing during telework so as not to waste time is to set a daily schedule and comply with it at a table. We know that at first it can be complicated, but we guarantee that it is totally necessary.

Even if you work at home and have your computer five meters from the bed, you should always wake up at the same time and keep getting up early. During telework many people tend to wake up later,which means that they then have to stay working once the workday is over, entering a routine in which in the end they spend much of the day working, with little time for family or personal things.

> Get organized

During telework a bad organization can waste a lot of time and lower your productivity, so organization is one of the keys to telework. A good organization will let you know what tasks you need to do each day and help you accomplish them.

You have to plan more than ever,because if it was already in the office it was easy to get distracted, at home we assure you that it is even more so.

We recommend that you sort to-do tasks by priority and be clear which ones to do each day based on importance. This will prevent your work from accumulating a lot, having more free time for you and your family.

> Adapt the workspace

Another important point is to adapt a workspace within the home,using it exclusively to work and putting it away from possible distractions.

Working in the kitchen or living room is not a good idea,as they are spaces that have many distractions that could interfere with your work. Our recommendation is that you enable a room as an office using it only for work, in which you have everything you need for the day to day and in which you feel comfortable to face the day.

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> Rest

During telework you should also take breaks like the ones you do in the office. If you spend all day in front of the computer and don’t get out of the chair, even if you think you’re working harder, your productivity will actually be affected.

It is important to take several short breaks throughout the day,five or ten minutes, that allow you to get up, change your posture and disconnect.

Sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a day is the best way for our body to rest and help us have much clearer ideas, give more and get the job done in less time. Rest is essential to be able to perform the next day.

> Set your own limits

To avoid working all day you have to set your own limits. No way you have a lot of work to do, you have to set a maximum time to keep working. Being at home doesn’t mean having to be always available, or having to work as long as you don’t do anything else.

> Get organized with your family

To reconcile work and personal life, you must also organize with your family, taking into account when they are free to set your work schedule. If your kids have all morning off and in the afternoons they’re doing activities, you may find it more convenient to work in the afternoons, so you can spend more time with them in the morning, and take advantage of the afternoons to telework.

In addition, the house will be quieter and easier to perform more, as you will have much less distractions.

Teletrabajo y familia: claves para conciliar

Photo: Charles Deluvio – Unsplash


We know that reconciling work and personal life during telework is complicated, but we hope that with these tips it will be easier for you to maintain your productivity without having to put the family aside.