Tecnologías para mejorar las PYMES

In addition to marking a before and after in society, the crisis caused by the coronavirus has affected the business world in general and SMEs in particular,as it is the small economies that will suffer the most from the consequences of this crisis, and the ones that will have the most difficulties to recover.

That is why the digitization of SMEs has become a necessity. If before this pandemic was already important, technology is now going to be the best solution to get companies and freelancers to go forward and get their flight back back.

In this post we review the main technologies to improve SMEs by 2020 and get reinforced from this crisis,which will alleviate the effects caused by coronavirus and help you keep activity in the best condition.

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The main technologies to improve SMEs after the coronavirus crisis

> Big Data

When we talk about technologies to improve SMEs in the after-crisis, Big Data is shown as the most outstanding technology. Fwill help manage company information and increase security, allowing documentsto be stored in the cloud and allowing continuous circulation of information.

Big Data will enable SMEs to manage a huge amount of data in the most efficient way,providing them with a wide variety of information that will help create strategies that will improve the user experience and help them understand customer needs and preferences.

> cloud

Cloud technology promotes the development of services quickly and efficiently,providing greater flexibility and scalability when it comes to benefiting from other technologies such as Big Data that are closely related.

The trend of SMEs is being to use hybrid cloudmodels, which combine both public and private information clouds. This will provide greater security and agility to store and manage business data.

Tecnologías para mejorar las PYMES

> Software ERP

the ERP software has become a necessity for SMEs,as it allows to manage all resources in a global way, without having to be present in the company; something that is essential in these times when teleworking is being implemented in most companies.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) software enables different internal operations of a company from anywhere,which means great flexibility by boosting the increase in employee productivity.

In this way, any worker can access all the resources of thecompany remotely, accessing the necessary data and information as if they were in the same workplace.

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> Blockchain

The implementation of Blockchain will improve the day-to-day management of the company and offer support inthe face of a possible crisis, such as the one we are currently encountering.

Blockchain consists of a data structure in which information is grouped by blocks,which favors the creation of public databases with a large amount of information, ensuring maximum security. This is because the information in a block can only be modified if all blocks are modified.

> Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It has already been a trend, but now there is no doubt that one of the technologies to improve SMEs is artificial intelligence, which will help identify the needs of users and improve the experience in all areas of the company.

In fact, artificial intelligence is key to tackling the digitization of SMEs,being indispensable for analyzing and understanding a large amount of data, as well as in speeding up decision-making.

Some AI tools such as chatbots or virtual assistants are already very present in many companies, offering greater assistance to users to solve doubts.

Tecnologías para mejorar las PYMES


These are some of the main technologies to improve SMEs by 2020 and get out of the crisis caused by coronavirus. Technologies that will allow to maintain, and even improve, the activity of our company or business; in addition to offering a better experience to users, who are getting better and better with new technologies.