The Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) have created a decalogue of tax councils and calculate that taxpayers can save up to 5,168 euros in the next Income Tax Return if they take advantage of the changes of the latest tax reform.

Changes such as the compensation of losses generated by an investment fund, shares or financial derivatives with the capital gains obtained, the relief for purchase or construction of a home before January 1, 2013, or the exemption from taxation up to 60,100 euros if you work abroad.

Geshta recommends waiting until January 2016 to make a transfer of an patrimonial nature because the savings rates will be lower and reminds those who have sold their house this year, that the profits obtained will be taxed between 19.5% and 23.5%, although if the amount is totally or partially reinvested in another habitual residence, it will be possible to neutralize this payment.

On the other hand, the profits obtained by those over 65 years of age from the sale of a good will be exempt as long as they are used to create an insured life annuity, with a limit of 240,000 euros and within a period of six months.