Aviso enfermedad trabajador

Given the current coronavirus crisis we’re in, it’s very likely that some worker in your company will fall ill, so we want to tell you how your employee should warn you that they can’t go to work because of illness.

Whether your company has opted for telework, or maintains activity; if any worker is infected with coronavirus or suffers from any other type of illness that prevented him from working, he must notify the company and justify his absence correctly.

Here’s how.

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If a worker cannot go to work because of illness, we should consider two possible scenarios: that it is a common disease,in which the worker is only absent for one or two days; or whether it is a serious illness or an accident,where the employee would temporarily remain de-desiced.

In the event of a common illness, it would be sufficient for the worker to communicate that he cannot go to work by illness by telephone; unless the company has another type of protocol or mechanism stipulated for these cases.

Upon return to work, the employee must present a medical part, duly signed by the GP confirming his illness.

Things change if it’s a long-term illness in which the worker is temporarily desaout for longer. In that case, the employee may apply for temporary disability if he or she stays away from his or her job for more than four days.

In this case, in addition to informing the company, the worker must submit the part of the de-employmentfor the next three working days, which must be duly signed by the doctor and in which the estimated duration of the work drop must appear.

Aviso enfermedad trabajador

The company will have to send this part of the de-app to Social Security for the temporary disability subsidy to begin. This subsidy will be 60% of the regulatory base between the fourth and twentieth days of leave, and 75% from the twenty-first day.

If the disease is prolonged, the worker must submit all parts of confirmation of leave within three days of the doctor’s signature. Finally, once the worker was recovered and could re-enter his job, he should deliver the discharge part within 24 hours.

It is important here that the company must take over the temporary disability allowance until the 15th of the leave,and from the 16th of the leave, the Social Security or the corresponding mutual will be the one that will be responsible for the cost of such benefit.

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The decision that an employee who cannot go to work sickly has to recover the days it will depend on the collective agreement of thecompany, since there are some agreements that contain the right of the worker to have a number of days paid if his job is missing in a justified way, without the need to recover hours.

Instead, other agreements indicate that if the worker is sick for less than 8 hours, if he must recover them,maintaining his salary. Also, if the disease is longer than 8 hours and less than four days, the worker will not charge the salary corresponding to those days(or they may be deducted from his vacation).

Usually, the worker presents a part of the decomn, keeping his salary without having to recover hours in the case of minor illnesses of a few days; since from the fourth day the employee may collect the corresponding temporary disability allowance.

Aviso enfermedad trabajador

How should an employee who has been infected with Coronavirus notify?

In the event that an employee has been infected with Coronavirus, coronavirus must notify the company by telephone, or in the manner established for these occasions (in case there is aspecific coronavirus protocol in the company).

The contagion will be consideredas a work accident leave, i.e. charging 100% of the salary on the first day, and 75% of the regulatory base from the second day.

To do this, the worker must send the company the part of medical de-entry within three working days,while the benefit will be borne by social security or the corresponding mutual.

In these cases, it is very important to follow the medical indications and warn our company of possible symptoms, especially if we have come to our job; to prevent a spread of the virus to other peers.