From AYCE Consultores we want to inform you that today a Resolution of the General Directorate of the State Tax Administration Agency has been published, by which this entity can carry out through the internet the seizure of money in their term accounts and fixed-term impositions in credit institutions.

Since the approval of the General Collection Regulations,the State Agency of the Tax Administration has been incorporating, for more than a decade, telematic means in the procedure of seizure of accounts in Credit Institutions, which allows you to avoid the personation of the Tax Agents in the branches of the Credit Institutions where the accounts on which the seizure is going to be carried out are open.
These actions have meant that the procedure for carrying out by telematic means the seizure of money in sight accounts opened in credit institutions have been extended to all the proceedings of seizure of sight accounts, regardless of the amount of the same or the bankruptcy situation of their holder. Therefore, it can be said that all the seizure actions of the collection bodies with respect to the sight accounts opened in the credit institutions are currently being carried out in a non-face-to-face manner.
In view of the results obtained by the telematic seizure of demand account balances, the State Tax Administration Agency has decided to extend the use of such techniques to the balances or amounts deposited in these Entities in fixed-term impositions. Therefore, through this Resolution, the procedure is established that will allow the collection bodies of the State Tax Administration Agency to carry out, by Internet, the actions of seizure of balances deposited in term accounts and in fixed-term impositions.