Notificaciones electrónicas 060

Public administrations have been trying to adapt to new technologies and the digital environment in which we find ourselves, and the proof of this is that today you can do practically any procedure via telematics, or the arrival of notifications 060.

It is possible that you are aware or that on the contrary you have never heard of the 060 notifications, so below we will tell you everything you need to know to avoid sanctions.

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What are 060 notifications?

The 060 notifications is a tool intended to facilitate communication with the administration via the Internet. It consists of an electronic notification service for freelancers, SMEs and large companies,through which they will receive any communication issued by public administrations via telematics, and in a completely secure way.

Very useful to be up to date with the latest news, to identify yourself and receive the notifications 060 you only need an electronic DNI or digital certificate,and fill in the corresponding activation form of the Enabled Electronic Address.

Who should register in the 060 notification system?

alta en el sistema de notificaciones 060

As established by law, there are different natural and legal persons who are obliged to interact with the administration through this system of electronic notifications 060:

  • Corporations and Limited Companies.
  • People of non-Spanish nationality.
  • Permanent establishments and branches of non-resident entities.
  • Temporary unions of companies.
  • Taxpayers in special regime of the group of VAT Entities.
  • Taxpayers registered in the Monthly VAT Refund Regime.

Likewise, since 2018 the self-employed are also obliged to carry out all their procedures with the Social Security via telematics, but they are not obliged to register in the 060 notification system.

How do 060 notifications work and why are they so important?

las notificaciones 060 y por qué son tan importantes

Once you have registered in the system, the 060 notifications will reach your own mailbox,which will be on the corresponding website, to which you must be attentive, since each 060 notification is valid for 10 days. After this time, if you have not seen the notification, they will give it as notified by office.

This is why it is so important to be aware of the 060 notifications, especially when they correspond to the Tax Agency or the Social Security,since otherwise we could lose important bonuses, as well as let the value of possible fines, penalties or surcharges increase.


Public administrations are trying to modernize, being the 060 notification system one of the last measures implemented, through which the latest communications can be received by the Treasury or Social Security through the Internet, in order to ensure that you are constantly informed in a comfortable, fast and simple way.