Asesoría tradicional

When you get to the business world, it is essential to know the different models of management. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the
differences between an online and a traditional consultancy,
to know which model best suits each business idea and to be able to make an appropriate approach.

Differences between an online agency and a traditional consultancy

Traditionally, when you wanted to choose a consultancy when setting up a business,it was common to ask among acquaintances to get a trusted manager. However, times change and more and more online businesses are emerging.

Some of the factors to choose the online or physical model can be, for example, the ease you have to go to the physical office, among others. Online companies can perform the same services as physical ones. For example, through the presentation of tax forms electronically or the immediate information system.

However, despite being able to offer the same services, traditional advice is the one that has a physical headquarters to which clients can go in person.

The online agency bases its model on the Network and has its origin no less than in the traditional one, since it arose as a response to the demands of the market, due to the calls to traditional consultancies.

Advantages and disadvantages of each model of management for companies


A traditional consultancy can provide your clients with the immediate possibility of making inquiries,checks, or expense tickets as long as you go to the physical office.

In the online agency this is reserved for workers. However, they optimize systems to make online communication more fluid.


Among the advantages of online management is the flexibility it gives its workers. In addition, customers can send the documentation they need without having to move from their home.

However, traditional consultancies such as AYCE Laborytax provide the client with a variety of forms of contact (e-mail, telephone and several physical locations) to adapt to the needs of each client, obtaining a professional response at all times.



The great distinctive point of traditional consultancies is in the direct and personalized treatment with each client.

Appointments are adapted to the client’s availability and, upon arrival at the meeting, the client will be able to explain their query to a professional advisor, obtaining an answer to their concerns on site.

In this way, the work of the advisor is based on the figure of a trusted labor, tax or legal advisor who deals in a particular way with the case of eachclient, compared to the immediacy of online advice where the emotional connection is completely lost.



The speed of the online agency in customer service contrasts with that feeling of teamwork and proximity that is achieved in traditional consultancies.

The client is informed at all times of the management times, opening hours and the availability of his advisors, to whom he puts a face and voice.

On the contrary, online advice focuses on executing actions but loses that work of consultant that characterizes the figure of the business manager.


The online platforms of digital consultancies are increasingly betting on information security, with data stored on digital platforms and clouds,thus avoiding the possible theft of data. Although it will be necessary to make the copies that are needed to avoid losing the information.

However, the Traditional consultancies have adapted to the demands of the current public and, in addition to guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the client’s data, they give them access to all the information about your procedures and procedures from online platforms to which they enter from your corporate website, entering your access data.


To know the type of agency that is best for each company, everything will depend on the valuation that is given to each point indicated.

However, the fiscal, labor and legal tasks that comprise the journey of a company do that having a consultant with whom to talk face to face and with confidence, helps to solve the queries and procedures in a more fluid, fast and effective way; than the service offered from an online consultancy.

Therefore, beyond deciding if one and the other is more suitable, we recommend that you value the services and experiences that each of them can offer you, with the aim of obtaining the professional tax and financial advice that your company needs.