More and more people are wondering about the most effective and legal way to set up a business in Spain.

Above all the myths about the difficulties to undertake in our country, there is a reality that is complex to know in some cases.

If you are thinking of joining the business market as a freelancer or creating your own company,we share with you some tips and requirements to keep in mind to start this journey.

Good luck!

What legal procedures are needed to set up a business in Spain?

Despite how complex the information may seem in many cases, there are several important and mandatory steps or aspects when setting up a business from scratch.

Self-employed or commercial company?

The first thing to decide is, if you intend to carry out the business activity as a self-employed or self-employedworker; or if, on the contrary, if it is going to be done through a Mercantile Company,either limited, anonymous or as a cooperative.

Company Registration

From here, to know how to set up a business it is important to take into account different factors, which will vary according to the commercial interest. That is, a physical store is not the same as an online one, nor in the case that you want to offer a service, which can be at home or in the premises itself.

That is why it is important to take into account the factors that interest within the nature and form of the organization of the company or business, and from there, it is possible that you can have the company active in a few days.

It is only necessary to register it, go to the Mercantile Registry and pay the minimum capital for the constitution of said company.

Review the legislation in case of launching an online business

To set up a profitable online business in Spain, for example, it is necessary to comply with the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the Data Protection Law (LOPD) and the Law on Consumers and Electronic Commerce.

All this allows you to stay within the current legislation, since there are many who launch to create a business without being framed in the law, and usually have great problems.

Pay attention to aid for entrepreneurs

In addition to this, there are currently numerous aids to set up a business in Spain, some of them, included in the new Self-Employed Law 2017.

In addition, and especially for young people, there is a bonus throughout the process, up to 36 months, so that they can start their own business.

It is important that you make sure to review the dates and deadlines of the callsfor aid, since in addition, other types of innovation aid and ideas to develop that are still unpublished in Spain are launched in numerous cases.

Of course, it is also important to consult the main requirements to set up a business. In addition to having an economic solvency, it is necessary to consult with a bank, a business consultancy

or a notary, the details to start a company. Fundamentally, so that our activity conforms to the law and not have problems in our journey.

Main grants for new entrepreneurs in Spain

As we have previously mentioned, there are various
aids for young and new entrepreneurs in Spain,
regardless of age in some cases. Therefore, the aid offered today in our country has to do with innovation and new entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, the Government offers new aid for innovation and R&D development,

as well as for the creation of start-ups or technological development

Of course, in addition to these aids, the key to setting up a business as a new entrepreneur also has to do with the development of credits and microcredits that the ICO has launched

Instituto de Crédito Oficial-, which also takes care of an extension in the terms of payments in numerous cases.


create a business from scratch,
there are several keys that allow you to direct towards the right path, although it is true that this process may not be as immediate as expected.

However, if you are really passionate about what you do, a company is a brilliant way to dedicate yourself fully to what you want to do.

Spain is a country in which the procedures are not as complex as they seem at first glance,but require some effort and dedication to do things correctly.