The acquisition and loyalty of customers, is one of the most important processes for any self-employed worker,since the viability of their businesses will depend on them; having a direct impact on the profits obtained and the total volume.

But today more than in the recruitment, we are going to focus on how to retain those customers,because it is proven that loyalty a customer is much easier than capturing it from scratch, since you already know us and trust us. This way, it will be easier for you to want to obtain any of our products or services.

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Customer loyalty: what does it consist of?

When we talk about customer loyalty, we are referring to getting a customer to become a recurring customer. Getting it is not easy, since for this you must be satisfied with our service and / or product. Otherwise, next time you will go to another professional and not to us.

Customer loyalty allows to increase the portfolio of existing customers, which translates into an increase in profits, since it is proven that 20% of customers generate 80% of the annual turnover of a freelancer.

Effective techniques for customer loyalty

There are certain techniques and strategies to build customer loyalty that will be of great helpto you. But to achieve customer loyalty, you must be aware that the relationship with the customer does not end after the purchase.

You must know your customers to meet their needs,since it will be much more difficult to offer a service that fits what you are looking for, if you do not know what you need.

By retaining a customer, you will get them loyal to your product or your brand.

This means that you should not stick to the mere transaction of products or services, but you have to worry about knowing, especially when you manage an online store or a virtual business. The more you humanize the treatment with the customer, the easier it will be to satisfy and retain them forever.

That said, there are different strategies to retain customers based on dealing directly with the consumer and trying to satisfy them 100%, which will be of great help to you, and that we want to show you below:

1 – Analyze your customers

First of all, you must identify and analyze your customers,differentiating between the sporadic and the usual consumer, to get to convert the first into the second, which is the one that will bring more benefits to your business.

Study the behavior of each of your buyers,paying attention to the type of purchase made, as well as the frequency and cost of the products or services you have purchased.

Once you have examined your customers and have a clear idea, it will be easier for you to design loyalty and conservation strategies,adapted to their tastes and needs.

2 – Commercial offers

The main objective of customer loyalty is to build a lasting relationship with the business, and for this it is essential to offer a good after-sales service that invites you to trust us again.

One of the most effective loyalty techniques is to make available to customers commercial offers that provide them with a series of benefits,inviting them to bet again on our services or products.

Here we highlight the incentives for repeat purchase,incorporating points programs or delivering vouchers after the first purchase, which in the future can be redeemed for discounts or even for free products or services.

Exclusive discounts and advance sales are also very effective when it comes to retaining our customers.

3 – Good deal before and after the sale

Needless to say, good treatment is fundamental to satisfy a customer. In fact, if you do not offer a good deal to your customers, not only will you not be able to retain them, but it is very likely that you will not even formalize your first purchase.

To achieve loyalty it is necessary to offer a quality and personalized attention for each user,which must remain even after the sale.

A measure to know the degree of satisfaction, and thus be able to solve the possible deficiencies, is to make available to customers questionnaires that value the treatment received during the sale or the provision of our service.

4 – Take advantage of new technologies

the new technologies greatly facilitate customer loyalty, since through social networks, email or instant messaging applications it is much easier to contact them and maintain a good after-sales relationship, in which the customer is aware of the latest news and offers.

Use social networks to generate content about your brand, and thus create a community. In addition, they will also serve as a customer service tool, resolving doubts in a fast, entertaining and effective way.

5 – Create personalized offers to each client

After studying the behavior of each consumer, you can create personalized offers for each customer based on their buying and consuming habits. In this way, if you send them new products that fit their tastes and needs, you will have much more chances to capture their attention and get a sale.

The customer will feel identified and will value it greatly,being able to send these personalized offers by sending newsletters or instant messages, since they allow you to segment according to the content and the recipient.



Customer loyalty is one of the most important processes for any business, since the greater the ability to retain its consumers, the greater its customer base, and therefore, also its benefits.