The Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Finance have signed a document to improve the exchange of tax information between the two administrations. This will allow the obtaining and telematic consultation of all tax data by the Prosecutor’s Office through the so-called ‘Judicial Neutral Point’.

The Judicial Neutral Point is a network of services that offers judicial bodies the necessary data in the judicial process through direct access to applications and databases of the Council itself, of agencies of the General Administration of the State and of other institutions in order to facilitate and reduce processing times, to increase security, and to improve user satisfaction.

Following the signing in September 2010 of a collaboration agreement between the State Tax Administration Agency, the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and the Ministry of Justice for the direct and automated transfer of tax information by the Tax Agency to the courts and tribunals, from now on, The Public Prosecutor’s Office will also be incorporated for the telematic transfer of data, according to the agreement reached by the president of the Supreme Court and the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, the Attorney General of the State, Consuelo Madrigal, the Secretary of State for Finance, Miguel Ferre, and the Secretary of State for Justice, Carmen Sánchez-Cortés.

In this way, the possibility of consulting and interconnecting the Judicial Bodies with third parties such as the AA.PP., the Professional Associations, the Financial Entities, the Registries etc …) is offered. in order to improve the processing times of cases in order to offer tools and services to the groups that make up the justice, so that they can be more efficient and effective in the processing of judicial matters and thus be able to help citizens to guarantee them immediacy and the right to obtain the effective protection of their rights before the courts.


  • To support the management of judicial bodies.
  • Provide assistance services to the judge.
  • Automate the management of governing bodies.
  • Facilitate compatibility and interoperability between computer systems at the service of the Administration of Justice.

Through the service ‘Punto Neutro Judicial’, managed by the CGPJ, the bodies of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will formulate requests for tax information within the scope of the aforementioned agreement and all the data obtained will be used only for professional purposes without being able to be used or have access to them natural or legal persons outside their function.

This direct and telematic transfer that enhances the aforementioned agreement does not exclude that the Tax Agency resolves individualized requests for information made by the courts and tribunals as has been happening so far.