We already have the data regarding the creation of companies and again, we have positive news. During the month of August, 6,403 companies were created, representing an increase of 23.4% over the same month in 2015. The subscribed capital for the incorporation of the companies exceeds 779 million euros, with an increase of 159.7% and the average subscribed capital (121,814 euros) increases by 110.4% in annual rate.

On the other hand, in August 2,242 commercial companies increased their capital, 6.0% more than in the same month of 2015 and the subscribed capital in the increases registered an increase of 16.0% exceeding 2,058 million euros. The average subscribed capital in these operations has been 917,936 euros, so it increases by 9.5% in annual rate.

For its part, the number of commercial companies dissolved in August is 1,236, 3.8% more than in the same month of 2015. Of these, 69.9% did so voluntarily, 16.0% by merger and the remaining 14.1% by other causes.

According to Economic Activity

22.0% of the commercial companies created in August correspond to Commerce and 15.1% to Construction. As for the dissolved companies, 19.2% belongs to Commerce and 16.9% to Construction.

The activity with the highest net balance of commercial companies created in the month of August 2016 is Commerce, with 1,166. On the contrary, Agriculture and fisheries has the lowest net balance, with 173 companies created. And the activity with the largest subscribed capital of commercial companies created is Real Estate, financial and insurance, with 653.22 million euros. On the other hand, Administrative activities and auxiliary services has the lowest capital, with 2.16 million.

By Autonomous Communities

The communities with the highest number of commercial companies created in August are Catalonia with 1,698, the Community of Madrid with 1,040 and Andalusia with 958. On the contrary, Navarre with 57, Cantabria with 64 and Extremadura with 67 are the ones that have created the least companies.

Attending to the dissolved commercial companies, the ones with the highest number are the Community of Madrid with 406, Andalusia with 168 and Catalonia with 141. On the contrary, those with the fewest dissolved companies are the Autonomous Community of Navarre with 9, La Rioja with 11 and Extremadura with 12.

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