According to data published today by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in November 2015 the volume of unpaid commercial effects was 217 million euros. This represents a decrease of 9.5% compared to the same month in 2014. “Although it should be noted that the average amount of unpaid trade effects is 1,273 euros, which indicates that they affect in a very special way the self-employed workers and the smallest companies,” explains the Institutional Secretary of the Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Workers (UPTA), César García.

Of the 500,000 companies that have disappeared since the beginning of the crisis in Spain, delinquencies have caused the closure of a third. Although it seems that the data of recent months improve this situation, the high rate of delinquency that continues to be registered advises to approve as quickly as possible the sanctioning regime as a development of the Law against Late Payment.

morosidad-grandes-empresasOn the other hand for UPTA, the percentage of unpaid overdue of 1.7% responds to normality, “however it can be considered that this data does not come so much from a financial improvement of companies, but from the lower level of economic activity and therefore from commercial transactions”, according to Cesar García.

It is important to highlight that there are still many freelancers who cannot meet their commitments to suppliers or who do not charge their customers due to the drop in sales and lack of financing.

Thus, the Autonomous Community that has registered the largest annual decrease in the amount of unpaid trade effects in the last month of November has been the Community of Madrid with a decrease of 22.5%, followed by Castilla y León with a minus 22.2%, La Rioja with a minus 21.4%, Aragon with a minus 16.9% and Catalonia with a minus 13.2%.

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