If you are seriously considering the possibility of setting up your own business,the first thing should be, know approximately the amount of money you would need for it, and thus know if you are in a position to take the step, you have the necessary amount, you need to ask for a loan from the bank, etc.

And although the amount needed to launch a business will vary from one company to another,from AYCE Laborytax we are going to show you the main aspects that you must take into account, so that you can have a rough idea of the monetary investment that you must make,until you begin to obtain benefits.

The steps to launch a business, which will allow you to know how much money you need

It is no secret to anyone that, to set up a business, you need money. Also, the amount of money you need will depend on the factors and characteristics that revolve around the business model,such as the product or service that will be offered, whether it will be an online or offline business, whether you will need to hire staff, outsource services, etc.

Although they seem obvious things, the truth is that there are many entrepreneurs who overlook them, and therefore we wanted to review them so that you take them into account, and know the approximate amount you must invest to launch your business.

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Business plan

The first step before launching a business, is to analyze the characteristics that will have and make a first estimate of the necessary expenses. Something that must be included in the business plan, which is something fundamental for every entrepreneur who is thinking of entering a new business venture.

According to experts, it is best to design a business plan that takes into account both the way to obtain income, as well as all the costs related to the sale.

For its elaboration, the most useful thing would be to have professional advice, in order to receive information from those areas that are unknown.

Area of activity

The amount that must be invested at first will depend mainly on the type of business, since obviously you will not need to invest the same capital a trade facing the public, as one that will operate online.

The important thing is to estimate each and every one of the expenses that will be made until you start to get income from customers.

Hidden costs

When launching a business, do not forget about the hidden costs,since otherwise it could be the case that you have to make a much higher investment than you had initially planned.

By hidden costs we mean expenses related to lawyers, notaries, advisors, registrations, payment of taxes, marketing and advertising, possible reforms of the premises, hiring of employees, etc.


Whether the project can succeed or not will largely depend on the people around you to carry out the launch of the business.

It is important to know first-hand the number of employees you will need to be able to launch the business and achieve stability,and then make a calculation that allows you to know the disbursement you will have to make.

When thinking about the staff you will need, it is important that you take into account both the professional category of each worker,as well as the functions they will perform, since this will vary the expense. Likewise, you must not forget the incentives or possible bonuses that you will offer to your employees, with the intention of motivating them and getting them involved to the maximum to achieve the objectives set.

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Variable expenses

In a business there will always be a series of fixed expenses that you must take into account, but do not forget about variable expenses,which it is best to be linked to the evolution of income.

If you get those variable expenses to be related to income, it will allow you to have greater flexibility and a wider margin of maneuver,when the first complications of the business appear.

Projection over time

The amount you have initially calculated should be used to cover all the expenses necessary to start a business, until you start to get the first income. So far, so clear, but how long will it take to get that income?

Everything will depend on the type of business, and also on luck, but experts recommend planning 18 or 24 months ahead. Here it should be borne in mind that in general, the first sales tend to take longer than expected.


Although the investment will depend on each project, the reality is that you will have to take into account all the expenses, both fixed and variable, and carry out a month-by-month planning that allows you to face the project and know the resources you need.