The constant advances in technology affect the business world, and it is essential that companies are aware and adapt to these advances so as not to be left behind.

Given the importance they have in any business strategy, the human resources department is one of the most attentive to technological advances,so that the company does not resent the recruitment and management of personnel.

Aware of this, from AYCE Laborytax we want to review the main trends in human resources by 2020,and that will undoubtedly mark talent management this year.

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Human resources trends by 2020 that you should watch out for

Tendencias en Recursos Humanos para 2020

1. Cross-cutting teams and marketing strategies to attract talent

Over time employee needs change, and the key is currently to form cross-cutting teams that improve business outcomes, as well as to start implementing work practices such as teleworking.

The idea is to bet on work models focused on achieving objectives,being aware of the need for a flexible working day.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation

This year 2020 will be the year of consecration of artificial intelligence in terms of human resources management, and in fact, there are already many companies (especially in the United States) that have started to implement it.

It is particularly relevant in the personnel selection sector,although it can also be very effective in automating activities, accelerating the decision-making process.

3. Specialization

Another of the most outstanding trends in human resources by 2020 will be the recruitment of specialized personnel in different areas,who are perfectly trained to face with guarantees each of the tasks of a company, as well as those needs that arise over time.

It will also be common for companies to have highly specialized external collaborators,in order to fulfill specific jobs in record time.

4. Gamification

Gamification will also affect human resources by 2020,becoming more common to design training and internal communication plans, with the aim of motivating and increasing employee productivity.

5. Employer branding

Another of the biggest challenges by 2020 will be
“employer branding”,
which is to improve the image that a company conveys to its customers, employees and potential customers.

It will be common for companies to develop – increasingly – value propositions, because the better the image of the company, the more likely it is to attract talent and maintain it.

Tendencias en Recursos Humanos para 2020

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6. People Analytics

Macro data analysis will be another trend in human resources by 2020,also applicable to any sector. Specifically, HR will allow you to more effectively discover employee performance, as well as aspects that directly influence your productivity and motivation.

7. Recycling workers, adapting to new times

Recycling of workers has become increasingly necessary to cope with the changes in the world of work that have been fostered by digitization. This means that workers have to modify their skills so as not to stay in the past, adapting to new technologies to be more effective in the digital environment, key to any company.

8. Employee welfare

By 2020, employee welfare programs will improve and become more comprehensive,with the aim of keeping employees motivated and satisfied, increasing their productivity and improving their satisfaction.

9. Diversification of the workforce

Every day the templates of the companies are morediversified, living in them all kinds of workers, from fixed employees, to fellows or external consultants. Also, in the same staff it will also be common to meet workers with different days and who work from home.

10. Internal communication tools

In 2020, more traditional communication systems will be abandoned, implementing more advanced internal communication tools,which will allow easier, smoother and more direct communication between the workers themselves.

This reduces response time and increases transparency, increasing the effectiveness of a company’s communication strategy.



These are the main trends in Human Resources by 2020, to which your company must be attentive, to apply them progressively and not to be left behind. With the aim of adapting to digital transformation, automating and improving processes for recruitment; and that will help you attract talent, and most importantly, to maintain it.