Retener y atraer el talento en tu empresa post coronavirus

Retaining and attracting talent has always been one of the main goals of any company, but now there are many doubts about how to manage talent in the post-Covid-19 era. We face a landscape unknown to all, which causes many companies to fear because they do not know how to run this management and that they may lose a share of their most important employees.

It is a fact that the Covid-19 will mark a before and after in companies,affecting multiple fields and sectors, which will have to reinvent themselves and seek solutions to attract talent and most importantly, maintain it.

If this is a topic that concerns you, at AYCE Laborytax we will give you some keys to retain and attract talent in your company during the post Covid-19 era that you will have to consider to continue growing.

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Keys to attracting and maintaining talent in your company after Covid-19

The main challenge facing human resources departments right now is attracting and maintaining talent. And if these two objectives have always been fundamental elements for companies, they are now indispensable to stay in the post-Covid-19 era.

As we say, work management has changed, so we need to consider a number of factors to retain and attract talent in your company:

> Telework and job flexibility

It had already been important, but with the obligation to telework during the pandemic, many workers have become accustomed to remote work and the many advantages it offers; that’s why one of the keys to attracting and maintaining talent in your company is enhance telework and job flexibility.

If the coronavirus has helped, it’s to realize that you don’t have to spend 8 hours in the office without getting up from a chair. Now workers, especially younger ones, value flexibility as one of the most important factors when choosing one job or another, opting for this arlier than other factors that until now were more important, such as pay or vacation days.

Telework offers greater flexibility and promotes work reconciliation,going on to work more towards achieving goals than for a simple time spent.

So if you want to attract and maintain talent in your company and you haven’t already, you should empower and encourage telework.

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> Virtual interviews

Moving to the workplace is getting less and less, also when it comes to interviewing. The picture that awaits us seems to indicate that virtual interviews are going to become more and more common,allowing any company to interview an employee without having to move.

The advantages of virtual interviews are many, both for the employee – who will not need to travel to the company’s headquarters) and for the company itself (which will be able to reach a greater number of candidates),since distance is no longer a problem and this process is streamlined.

> Value work

Another key point in attracting and maintaining talent is valuing employees’ good work. It is proven that one of the most important points for a worker to be at ease in a company is that it feels valued, and is that workers who know that they are valued have a greater sense of belonging to the company.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of the work your employees do, and congratulate them when they’ve done well and met the goals set.

> Smart working

But without a doubt what will make a difference in talent management in the coming days is the “Smart working”, what we could call as telework taken to a second level,and which is very well valued by younger workers.

Smart working consists of an enterprise management formula based on mobility and time flexibility, teamwork and the use of new technologies. A work model that is more efficient and that f helps thereconciliation of working life with staff, as well as increasing productivity.

With smart working it is the worker who decides his workplace, his schedule and the tools he will use,unlike teleworking. It is a model in which it is the work that suits the professional, and not the other way around, and that focuses more on achieving objectives.

And here is the success of this model, because working for goals workers increase their motivation and efficiency,either to have more free time or to obtain a more objective assessment of their achievements.

Retener y atraer el talento en tu empresa post coronavirus


Coronavirus has left many changes in the business world in general and in that of human resources in particular, directly affecting talent management. We’ve given you some tips for attracting and retaining talent in your business during the post-Covid-19 era, which are primarily based on the use of new technologies, telework and time flexibility. If your company brings all these ingredients together, it will certainly attract and retain talent will be much easier.