Estrés prevacacional

Now that summer has begun, the holiday season is approaching for the employees of your company, which a priori should be something that motivates them and makes them more effective in the performance of their work.

However, the reality is that there are many workers who, due to the proximity of their holidays, suffer from pre-holiday stress.

Many of us have heard of post-holiday stress,the one that appears when we join our job after a few days of vacation.

But,when the vacation days approach, stress also makes an appearance,making employees not get fully involved in their work, being the company the one that suffers the consequences of this situation.

Aware of this, from AYCE Laborytax we wanted to prepare a post in which we give you a series of tips to put a stop to pre-holiday stress in your company without panic.

What is pre-holiday stress?

pre-holiday stress,
as its name suggests is the one that appears days before starting the summer holidays,due to the feeling of feeling overwhelmed by the multiple tasks that remain to be closed, and the lack of available resources to address them, to which we must also add the stress generated by the organization of a vacation.

This means that the proximity of the holidays is not always a positive experience.

In fact, different studies have shown that around 30% of workers suffer from stress before their holidays.

4 factors that cause stress before the holidays


Although the lack of organization is usually the main reason why stress appears before the holidays, there are several factors that motivate this stressful situation.


Lack of organization

As we have already said, the lack of organization is usually the main culprit that an employee suffers the dreaded pre-holiday stress.

This in many cases is due to a lack of planning of the holidays well in advance,which means that you have to work against the clock to get all the pending tasks closed.

So that this does not happen, it is important that the company closes the holidays of its workers several months in advance,so that they have the necessary time to organize and avoid that stress ends up taking over them.


Another factor that causes stress before the holidays is the high self-demand of employees, which causes do not know how to carry out an efficient time management

or differentiate between the tasks that must be left finished,and those that could be addressed on the return of the holidays, ending with an overload during the days before the holidays.

Risk perception

Many workers are also afraid that, by not finishing the pending tasks, they may suffer consequences from the company.

This makes them live in a situation of risk that generates constant tension,affecting their work performance and even their health.

Lack of flexibility

The lack of flexibility means that many workers cannot adapt to the changes of the summer holidays, increasing the feeling of pre-holiday stress to the detriment of the feeling of illusion or happiness.

Essential tips to prevent pre-holiday stress


To avoid that the employees of your company end up suffering the dreaded pre-holiday stress, it is recommended that a few months before you make them aware of the need and the importance of organizing themselves so that, as they say colloquially, they do not end up “catching the bull”.

To do this, these tips will be very useful:

Tasks to be done before the summer

It is important that employees are aware of the tasks that they should leave completed before the holidays.

To do this, writing them in advance can be of great help, in order to have them clear without having to be constantly remembering them, which increases energy consumption and, therefore, the feeling of stress.

Delegate tasks

It is essential to make your employees aware that they trust their colleagues,and that they do not hesitate to delegate tasks when they believe that they will not be able to face them on their own.

In this way, they will not only be able to close them on time, but will also favor the feeling of team.


Another indispensable factor is that workers learn to prioritize tasks,differentiating between those that are really important and those that can be postponed.

In fact, this is another factor that motivates the appearance of pre-holiday stress.

Healthy habits

Finally, if employees follow healthy lifestyle habits,it will also help them feel better about themselves (balanced diet, rest, physical exercise, etc.), reducing the chances of suffering stress before the arrival of the holidays.


Pre-holiday stress

is a reality that multiple companies must face every summer, reducing the performance of workers and preventing them from being as productive as they should be.

To prevent it and that it does not affect the workers of your company, be alert and apply the advice we have just shown you.