Surely you have made the Income Tax Return and have the same doubts that assail many. Will I get the result that came out in my draft of the Income Statement? Will I have made mistakes in the statement? Will I be able to check the status of the income tax return once it is delivered? Don’t worry; if he makes a mistake, he is not alone before the treasury.

The Spanish tax system foresees contingencies similar to those we expose. Rectifying the income tax return is possible,although it involves a series of steps and will always be more cumbersome than delivering the documentation as required.

Below, we review some keys that will help you solve your problem if you need to review the return once filed.

It All Starts with a Good Draft of the Income Tax Return

If you want to stay calm, it is best that, in case of any doubt, you put yourself in the hands of professional tax advisors.

They will guide you in presenting the draft in the correct way, avoiding subsequent errors that may lead to the dreaded penalties.

It is important to note that these do not always occur, but in very specific cases:

  1. If your return comes out to pay.

This is one of the least important cases. If it is within the review period, it shall be sufficient for you to submit a supplementary declaration.

In this way, you will be able to avoid a penalty that, being out of time, you must pay insurance. This penalty will vary depending on the accumulated delay.


  1. If your return comes out to return.

You don’t have to worry. Possibly, these are errors in personal or fiscal data, which will not entail any economic sanction. It will be enough for you to request a rectification, and everything is arranged.

It is common to make mistakes in the Income Statement, but you must correct them.

As we pointed out, it is possible and normal for some problem to arise with the income statement.

However, it is essential that you be clear about the importance of correcting them. Otherwise, he could have to face severe sanctions from the treasury, which, in addition, will rarely be able to appeal.

2 Exceptionally Problematic Situations in the Face of Errors in the Declaration

  1. If you don’t notice the error.

You will not notice but, of course, the Treasury will take action on the matter, proceeding to make a parallel statement.

You will receive a notification in which the Treasury will inform you of the data you have declared against those that do not appear or have incomplete information.

If this happens and your mistake is proven, you will have to pay a penalty. The amount to disburse will vary greatly from case to case. This is undoubtedly the most adverse situation you may have to face.

  1. If there are multiple errors in your statement.

If you have already confirmed your draft and, after this, you realize that it contained numerous errors, the best thing you can do is to file a substitute return.

This action involves completely correcting your income tax return,presenting another that replaces the previous one for all purposes.

You will avoid a penalty as long as you do so during the official submission period.

Checking the Status of the Income Tax Return Is a Good Security Measure

If you have doubts about the situation in which your statement is, today it is possible to make a telematic consultation to avoid a bad time.

To access and check the status of your income tax return for 2017,

you will only need to visit the official website of the Tax Agency, logging in through your certificate or electronic DNI, a PIN key or your NIF, first surname and key of the draft of the previous year.

It is important that you keep in an organized way all the keys that the Treasury provides you during the procedure, since you may need them later.

A good idea is to keep them for 5 years,which is the time the Treasury has to review previous returns. This way he makes sure he doesn’t take unexpected upsets.


Although tax matters are an issue that can cause concern, the reality is that, in most cases, it is possible to rectify the Income Tax Return if you have made a mistake. However, it is logical that you get a scare when you receive a letter from the Tax Agency.

If this happens, the most important thing is that you calmly analyze the problem, accurately determining which of the above circumstances you are in. Getting out of the way and delivering the precise documentation within the deadline is the key to avoiding major penalties.

It is essential that you understand that, although the procedures of the Income Tax Return may be a hassle, delivering them in a timely manner is the only way to avoid a good displeasure. Remember that no matter what, there will always be room to fix things.