Contratar a un trabajador por horas o días

Many companies are forced to hire a worker forhours or days in different circumstances to help them get the job done and allow them to achieve the goals set. A very common contracting formula, especially in sectors such as hospitality or catering.

This causes the following question to arise: how much does it cost to hire a worker by the hour? And from AYCE Laborytax we will try to answer and solve all possible doubts you may have. Pay attention and take note.

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How much does it cost to hire a worker for your company?

How much does it cost to hire a worker for a day or hour?

When hiring a worker for days or hours, in addition to salary you must take into account the cost of the employee’s Social Security,in addition to other costs that often overlook such as severance pay, as well as the proportional portion of extraordinary pay or days of vacation not enjoyed.

The Social Security contribution of a worker hired for days or hours will depend on the remuneration received for the hours worked in the month considered. Here the minimum contribution bases applicable to part-time contract workers shall be adapted in order for the contribution in this procurement form to be equivalent to the full-time contribution, by the same unit of time and similar remuneration.

The following rules apply to determine the monthly contribution basis of a worker hired by hours or days:

  • The remuneration accrued for ordinary and complementary hours must be counted in the month to which the contribution relates.
  • To the remuneration we must add the corresponding proportional part in terms of weekly and festive rest days, extraordinary pay, holidays, etc.
  • If the monthly quote base is less than the minimum contribution bases or higher than the maximums set, these or those shall be taken respectively as the basis for quotation.

On the other hand, the remuneration obtained by the part-time worker for overtime is subject to an additional contribution.

Differences between hiring a worker for hours or less than 5 days

Contratar a un trabajador por horas o días

The Government has increased short-term contract contributions to combat job precariousness, and reduce the signing of short-term temporary contracts.

In temporary contracts lasting 5 days or less, the Social Security share for common contingencies will increase by 40%.

Thus, although the employer’s share of common contingencies is 23.60% of the worker’s salary, hiring a worker on a short-term contract increases to 33.04%.

But to know the total cost of Social Security, you will have to add the unemployment contribution, the Social Guarantee Fund (FOGASA) and the contribution to Vocational Training.

That said, the difference between hiring a worker for hours or days lies in penalties for the temporaryity of the contract.

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From here we cannot say the exact cost of hiring a worker for hours or days, as it depends on many factors; but we can show you the elements that you need to consider to get you a rough idea of the total price for the duration of the contract.