Professionals who register as self-employed, in addition to having to know and be informed about the rights and duties of said labor regime, must be aware of the accounting procedures that must be executed so that the activity they carry out is developed with notoriety. It should be noted that it is very relevant how long the invoices are saved, that is, the billing control that must be had to be in order with the Administration.

At the moment in which you are registered in self-employed, you can make invoices and vouchers to be able to receive payment through all the systems that are at your disposal, in addition to the movements you have made in your activity.

It is of great importance that you have a copy of the invoices you have made, as well as the receipts you receive.

Invoice models: How does a freelancer invoice?

In the
invoices of the self-employed,
the identification data of the worker must always appear, as well as those of the companies or people to whom the service is provided.

A self-employed professional has to invoice with the DNI or NIF. However, companies do so with the tax identification code.

On the other hand, invoices must be recognized with a corresponding progressive numbering,including the date on which they were issued.

Likewise, for a writing to have the character of receipt, it must be composed of a main body in which the services or articles provided with their attached cost are specified.

What invoice models are there?

1. Proforma

It is a writing where a commercial offer is specified. This is issued before the sale is specified, so it serves as an advance of the commercial receipt.

2. Rectification

This type of invoice is issued in the event that the main invoice does not formalize all the requirements established by law or in the event that there is an error with the items. But this writing, apart from recording certain corrections in the usual invoice, must also contain essential information.

3. Valued delivery note

This other model of invoice for freelancer is a document that confirms the delivery of the genre. This document not only shows details about the genre, but also what it is worth.


Electronic invoicing

It is an invoice model in which no paper is used. It is equivalent to the paper invoice, but this consists of the issuance of invoices through electronic mechanisms.

Electronic invoicing encourages institutions and companies to set aside traditional invoices and replace them with an electronically generated feudatory document, with the same validity as usual. The entire billing period can be done electronically.

This invoice is sent by the seller for the buyer to receive through computer systems to prepare the sale.

What should I keep in mind when creating my invoices?

You should not forget that on the invoices you must charge the corresponding VAT. In fact, there are actions that have specific VAT regimes, which means that there are some that have a reduced model and others that are free of VAT.

You must also deduct a proportion of the invoice due to personal income tax,which is Personal Income Tax. This proportion varies according to the professional activity you have performed, so it is very important to be informed about the type of retention that corresponds to you.

Why am I required to keep my invoices?

Saving the self-employed invoice is an obligation. It is a primary function as an entrepreneur, although it is not entirely simple.

It is a relevant obligation, since it can serve to avoid receiving sanctions for other matters if you do it in an orderly manner.

Ideally, you should have a file with all the invoices you have called “my invoices”,where you can find the invoices issued and received.

How should invoices be saved?

It is very important to have the invoices that you have issued to third parties in Excel or Word,as well as those that you have received for having made different expenses or purchases, because it will include the services you have performed.

The time you must keep an invoice depends on the tax, commercial or criminal rule.

According to the tax,

it is four years from the end of the voluntary stage of filing the return that corresponds to the action performed. If the rule is commercial, it will be six years. Finally, the penal norm regulates that the time is from five to ten years.

Finally, you can entrust the management of your invoices to the accounting managers of Ayce Laborytax,since you may not have enough time to do it or in the event that you do not know how it is done. You will find it a very practical option.