Borradores de impuestos

That all of us must contribute to the public coffers with the payment of our taxes, is not a secret to anyone. However, in the case of self-employed workers and companies, the number of taxes that must be faced is multiplied: VAT, Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax…

This makes keeping track of tax obligations,as well as being proactive, essential to be able to meet the deadlines for filing such taxes; as well as to ensure that sufficient liquidity is available to be able to face the payment.

Aware of this, from AYCE we recommend you pay special attention to the
fiscal calendar
and, mark in red the dates on which you must present each of the models in the Treasury, and secondly, we will talk about the importance of having the tax drafts always updated.

What is a tax draft?

tax draft
is a document made by the Tax Agency that acts as a sketch of the declaration of each of the taxes that each taxpayer must face, with the aim of facilitating its presentation.

It is important to keep the tax draft up to date and always review it before filing it.

Why? Hacienda completes the drafts with the data it has about us,but it is possible that there is some error or that it has not included some type of deduction to which we are entitled.

Therefore, the drafts of the Treasury must be taken as a very useful tool that can save us a lot of time and make things easier, but in no case as a solution.

The Importance of Having Updated Tax Drafts


As we have already said, the Tax Agency completes the draft with the data it has of each taxpayer but, to avoid any possible error that may have a negative impact on us, the ideal is to always keep the tax drafts updated.

Also, review them before their presentation,to modify any errors that may appear. Remember that it is always recommended that a tax advisor review your draft of the Income before its confirmation. The same goes for the rest of the tax drafts.

With its update you will save a lot of time,since it will be more complicated that the Treasury can make a mistake.

Something that today is much simpler than a while ago, since thanks to the Internet, you can get on the official website of the Tax Agency any draft of any tax model that you must present, quickly from your computer screen, wherever you are, downloading them with just one click.

This allows you to organize yourself much more effectively and plan in advance the presentation of each model so that, as they say colloquially, you do not get caught by the bull.

What benefits will it bring you to keep track of your taxes?


Keeping track of the treasury is essential for the
proper functioning of your company,
hence the importance of being proactive with the payment of your taxes.

Keep in mind that the treasury of a company is based on managing all economic operations to keep track of both the money that enters and the money that leaves.

For this it is essential to make a treasury budget,in which taxes will play a leading role, since you must determine the expense to be faced with your tax obligations, in the most approximate way possible.

Otherwise, by not keeping track of your taxes, it could be the case that at the time you must pay the Treasury, you do not have enough liquidity,suffering the economic consequences that this means.

This brings us back to the importance of keeping tax drafts up to date, and the more up-to-date they are, it will be easier for you to know the approximate figure that you will have to pay and, therefore, the treasury budget you have made will be more effective and you will have more possibilities to keep the treasury of your company healthy.



Complying with tax obligations is essential for the proper functioning of the company, and to ensure that there will be no problem when the time comes to present each of the tax models that you must pay in the Treasury, it is important to be proactive to verify that you have sufficient liquidity.

That forecast will help you keep the tax drafts updated,in order to know more precisely the amount you will have to pay, without affecting the treasury of your business.

If you have doubts about how to carry out this update, contact the tax advisors of AYCE Laborytax and they will help you with professional solutions.