Guía Registro de Jornada - Ministerio de Trabajo 2019


After the entry into force of the obligation of the Register of Working Time,and due to the volume of enquiries they have received in the Directorate-General of Labour regarding this time control, the Ministry of Labour has decided develop a “Guide on the Registration of Working Day” to resolve the possible doubts that arise for its correct fulfillment.

This guide sets out the criteria on the basis of which the Labour Inspectorate will focus its inspections. It is, therefore, a “merely informative” communication with recommended guidelines and advice to facilitate compliance with the new legal obligation that companies must take into account.

Here you can consult and download the guide proposed by the Ministry of Labor.

If you have any questions about it, you can contact our labor advisors, in any of our offices,so that we can help you solve it as soon as possible.