Unemployment in Spain is experiencing one of its worst moments, particularly affecting workers 45 years of age or older,who have serious difficulties in accessing a job. And, in the face of this complicated situation, a series of grants have been established for hiring over 45s,with the aim of promoting the hiring of people of this group by Spanish companies.

In addition, grants for hiring over 45s will offer different advantages to companies,not just economic ones, as these workers will offer experience, knowledge and commitment.

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Grants for hiring parados over the age of 45 for your company

the State offers grants for hiring parados over the age of 45 to companies with fewer than 50 workers, which are not at all negligible, enjoying a number of advantages intended to encourage work for elderly persons who are registered with the Employment Office.

Here are the most important and interesting grants for hiring people over the age of 45 for your company:

→ Help companies for hiring over-45s indefinitely

Aid to companies for hiring over 45s indefinitely is aimed at companies of less than 50 workers,since by their size, they are understood to have more difficulties in hiring employees.

This bonus amounts to 1,300 per year for men, but it can reach 1,500 euros a year for grants for hiring a woman over the age of 45,if it is the hiring of a woman in a sector or company with little representation of women.

This grant is maintained for the first three years since the signing of the employment contract.

Grants for hiring over 65s

Among the aid to entrepreneurs for hiring over 45s, thereare also grants for hiring over 65s. That is, people who have access to the retirement pension.

This subsidy consists of a 100% bonus on the common contingency quota derived from the employment contract. A measure that offers benefits to both the company and the worker who wants to continue working, as well as the State, as it saves the payment of the retirement pension.

Grants for companies for hiring over 45s with disabilities

Older people with disabilities have the most complications to access a job. To promote the recruitment of this group, there are grants for hiring over 45s with disabilities of up to 5,700 eurosper year, for those companies that hire workers of this type indefinitely.

The bonus can reach 6,300 euros if the disability is greater,and will remain in effect for the duration of the worker’s contract.

There are also grants for hiring over 45s for temporary contracts of between EUR 4,100 and EUR 5,300,which will vary depending on the individuals in each situation.

Grants for hiring over 45s in entrepreneurship projects

To promote entrepreneurship and reduce the employment rate of older people, there are grants for hires of over 45s indefinitely in a new entrepreneurship project.

This grant consists of a 100% reduction in the Share of Social Security during the first year.

Advantages of hiring over 45s

Once we know the most important grants, we will see the main advantages of hiring over 45s.


Given the different grants that exist, hiring over 45s offers a number of economic advantages that are not negotiable, being able to receive a bonus of up to 6,300 euros per year.


Experience is a grade, and those over 45 will offer yougreater professional and personal experience, as they will most likely have more than 20 years of work behind them.

They don’t need training

With many years of experience, these workers will not need training and will adapt perfectly to their new job,offering immediate performance from day one.

Increased engagement

Usually, this collective is characterized by a greater commitment to the company, as well as greater professionalism and responsibility. This is because they are people with greater emotional stability, totally independent and who have things clearer than younger workers.