Identificar a tu cliente ideal

Knowing the ideal customer profile (ICP) of your business is essential if we want to get good results, because if you know their needs and are able to meet them, it will be easier for us to increase sales, attract new customers, and the most complicated, get them loyalty.

Aware of this, from AYCE Laborytax we want to help you define the ideal customer profile (ICP) of your business with a few simple steps. Notes.

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What is the ideal customer profile or ICP?

When we talk about the ideal customer profile or ICP, we mean the profile of those customers for whom we have designed a product or service,who meet the necessary requirements to solve a problem or meet a need that that customer has. In this way we get you to be happy, increasing the chances of loyalty and that you trust us again.

That said, an ideal customer would meet the following requirements:

  • Having been satisfied with the product or service we have offered you, as we have managed to give you a solution to a problem or need.
  • Be convinced that you have paid the right price for the product or service.
  • Recommends to others the product or service we have offered you.
  • He ends up becoming a loyal customer, re-trusting us for the purchase of a new product or service.

All customers who do not meet these requirements, although they will also generate revenue, are not considered as ‘ideal customers’. Therefore, the main thing would be to focus all our efforts on trying to capture attention and convince those ideal customers,focusing our sales or marketing strategies towards them.

How to define the ideal customer profile (ICP)?

Here are the steps to correctly define the ideal customer profile (ICP) for your business:

Cómo definir el perfil de cliente ideal (ICP)

> Describe your ideal customer

The first thing would be to describe what your ‘ideal customer’ would be,analyzing not only their needs, but also their possible satisfaction with the products or services you can offer. Once you’re clear, try to encompass by age groups, interests, geographic location, etc.,to establish a better defined pattern and be able to establish more specific strategies for each of them.

> Interview your best customers

Look at those customers who have already purchased or purchased your products or services regularly,and who are demonstrating their loyalty. Try to have interviews or questionnaires with them for information that you’ll then find useful for creating your marketing strategies.

> Identify common trends

The third step would be to identify common patterns or trends among the clients interviewed. Analyze the data obtained and create the x-ray as detailed as possible than your ‘ideal customer’ would be.

> Create a tab for each ideal customer

At this point, you should fill out an information sheet of each ideal customer,in which the most important data appears, so that you can access them whenever you need it, and offer them a more personalized and satisfying experience.

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Advantages of knowing the ideal customer profile (ICP) for your business

Ventajas de conocer el perfil de tu cliente ideal

> Attract new customers interested in your products or services

If you’ve determined the ideal customer profile for your business, you’ll find it easier to attract new customers who are really interested in your products orservices, focusing your strategies and initiatives on them.

This way you can identify and attract those potential customers who really want to buy.

> Optimize your sales processes

By doing a more detailed customer search, you’ll be able to spend less time and resources finding them, allowing you to optimize your sales process very effectively.

At the same time, you will be able to reach customers who are interested in your businessmore effectively, increasing the chances of closing a sale.

> Customer loyalty

If you have been able to identify the needsof customers and have been able to meet them, it will be easier to retain them and turn them into recurring customers, serving them in a more personalized and satisfying way.

> Increases recommendations

When you have satisfied customers, it’s much easier to get your acquaintances recommended,allowing you to reach potential new customers. Word of mouth remains one of the most effective actions to increase the client portfolio.



So far the steps to define the ideal customer profile (ICP) of your business, and meet those customers to whom you can meet their needs through your products or services, offering them a satisfactory experience that will help you to retain them.