Declaración de IRPF 2017

Since april 5, all taxpayers must report to the Treasury and file the 2017 personal income tax return. From AYCE Laborytax we wanted to review those sections that are most important and we must pay special attention to them, but that usually end up falling into oblivion.

If you want to avoid unnecessary setbacks, do not waste any tax benefit and, in short, not suffer problems in this Income tax campaign, pay attention and take note. We indicate the boxes that you should not overlook.

Boxes that yes or yes you must check well in the 2017 Personal Income Tax return before its presentation

#1 – Rental of habitual residence

alquiler-casaAlthough the deduction for the rental of the habitual residence was abolished in 2013, it is still maintained for those contracts that were signed until December 31, 2014.

This means that any tenant who lives in a rental situation and whose signature of the contract occurred before 2015,as long as the rent does not exceed 24,107 euros, can deduct 10.05% of the fees paid during the previous year.

#2 – Pension Plans

planes de pensionesThe amounts contributed to a
pension plan
reduce the tax base, so it is important to ensure that the draft of the 2017 personal income tax return reflects this.

After the last tax reform, currently the maximum amount that can be contributed is 8000 euros,when this amount is not greater than 30% of the income from work and economic activities.

In the case of contributions from spouses, if they receive less than EUR 8 000 in income per year, they can also be deducted.

Keep in mind that the tax savings that this type of contribution can entail is between 19% and 48% of the investment made.

#3 – Deductible Expenses

gastos-deduciblesThere’s many expenses of the work income that can be deducted in the 2017 Personal Income Tax return, such as, for example, the expenses caused by a union fee or by the registration in a professional association, as long as the registration is mandatory and the amount does not exceed 500 euros.

The same applies to expenses paid to a lawyer for the defence against a company, and with expenses for geographical mobility, if before starting employment you were registered with the employment office.

On the other hand, workers who suffer any type of disability, can be deducted between 3500 and 7750 euros,depending on the type of disability.

#4 – Sale of real estate

venta-inmueblesTo the profits from the sale of real estate that are not related to any type of economic activity, an abatement coefficient is applied, only to the part obtained until January 20, 2006, up to a maximum amount of 400 000 euros.

People over 65 years of age and also people in a situation of deep dependence are exempt from this measure.

In addition, those over 65 years of age could enjoy an exemption for the sale of any property, if it is the circumstance that the amount obtained by the sale is destined to the creation of an insured annuity, with a limit of 240 000 euros.

#5 – Modifications of the family situation

Modificaciones familiares en renta 2017The birth, death or any other change in the marital status of the taxpayer affects, inaddition to the family minimum and a series of family deductions, the reduction of the taxable base of compensatory pensions in favor of the spouse.

Here is one of the most common mistakes that are given when making the personal income tax return is that children under 25 years of age, or who suffer a minimum disability of 33%, and live with their parents, present the declaration with small incomes that do not exceed 1800 euros, or have obtained incomes greater than 8000 euros.

#6 – Large Families and Disability

discapacidad-familiaLarge families with a member with a disability, as well as single-parent households in which there are two children without the right to annuity for food, can enjoy significant deductions in the Personal Income Tax quota.

To get the deduction for a child with a disability (1200 euros per year), it is essential that you have your own NIF.

#7 – Empty homes

viviendas-vaciasIn all the Autonomous Communities with a common regime, an empty dwelling or premises is applied an imputation of real estate income,which is an income equivalent to a percentage of its cadastral value.

It is important to check that the imputations do not apply to homes that are no longer ownedby the taxpayer, that have different owners or are inhabited by the former spouse.

On the other hand, the imputation of income of urban properties that are not habitual residence will be 2% of their cadastral value, provided that the value has not been reviewed within the framework of a collective valuation procedure of a municipal nature, before 2007; if it has been reviewed, it will impute 1.1% of the cadastral value.

This year it is important to reflect in the new Annex “C”, the amounts to be applied in future years. In general, negative losses or returns, negative net assets or excess contributions pending compensation.



These are the 7 sections of the
2017 Personal Income Tax return
to which you should pay special attention, since otherwise you could give up a series of tax benefits to take into account.

If you have doubts, please contact the tax advisors of AYCE Laborytax who will help you make your declaration and ensure that everything is correct.