Trámites con la Seguridad Social sin certificado digital

During the State of Alarm, and with the aim of facilitating the submission of urgent and non-deferred writings, requests and communications, a channel has been enabled to carry out formalities with Social Security without digital certificate; only personal and contact data are necessary.

The creation of this channel is intended for any citizen who does not have a digital certificate or cl@ve pin, who duringthis type can carry out any type of procedure through the Electronic Headquarters of Social Security.

It should be made clear that this is a provisional measure,as a solution to the closure of the physical offices of Social Security by Covid-19.

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Social Security procedures without a digital certificate: which ones can I do?

All the most common procedures can be done in each Social Security entity,which is undoubtedly a great advantage for all those who are inplaceable.

Pensions and benefits from the Social Security System (retirement, birth benefit, widowhood) may be applied for in the INSS,… etc.), apply for the European Health Insurance Card, report the death of a pensioner, etc.

On the other hand, in the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) you can process acquisitions,casualties and modifications of worker affiliation data, as well as request reports of working life, procedures related to the contribution and collection, etc.

While pensions and benefits managed by this entitymay be applied for in the ISM, such as the exception of duplicate training diplomas.

To carry out these procedures with Social Security without digital certificate it will be necessary to fill out the relevantapplication forms, which will be available on the Social Security website, being able to access them through the virtual assistant in the section Do we help you?

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Trámites con la Seguridad Social sin certificado digital

Access and operation of the channel for social security procedures without digital certificate

The channel can be accessed through the Electronic Headquarters of Social Security,where we will find the forms enabled by the different entities.

When accessing, a page will appear explaining the use of the service,emphasizing that it is only enabled for urgent procedures that cannot wait.

The citizen must fill out the form with several details:

  • NIF/NIE.
  • First and last names.
  • Contact phone number.
  • Email address.
  • affair.
  • Text with description of the letter, request or communication.
  • The entity you’re targeting.
  • Province in which the procedure will be carried out.
  • Documents to attach.
  • Security question.

When making the application, it is necessary to send a copy of the ID and supporting documentation,being advisable to do so in a single shipment to facilitate processing. Once the process is successfully completed, a confirmation notice will appear at the top of the screen.


Since this service does not use any means of electronic identification, the writings or requests will not be formalized in the Electronic Register of Social Security,and therefore no proof of sending will be generated.

Therefore, social security may request the accreditation of the identity of the citizen, verify the data or verify the documentation sent,as well as request some type of additional documentation.

Therefore, the administration recommends that all citizens have the recognized authentication services (certificates or electronic signatures) that continue to use them.

It will be the competent Provincial Directorate that will make the decisions it deems appropriate to complete the information and carry out the service, choosing between contact by phone or email.



If you need to carry out any urgent procedures and you cannot wait, a channel has been enabled that allows to carry out formalities with Social Security without digital certificate, and that will be available provisionally until the end of the Alarm State.