Estrategias para fidelizar al cliente

The coronavirus has completely affected thousands of companies and businessesin our country, who have been immersed in a complicated economic situation, having to look for solutions that will allow them to get out of this crisis and try to regain normalcy as soon as possible. Without a doubt, customer loyalty is key to leaving the coronavirus crisis behind.

During the confinement, many companies have been forced to close their doors and cease their activity, which has caused when they resume the activity they have found that many customers have left for the competition.

That’s why one of the first steps to get out of the coronavirus crisis is to chart effective strategies to retain the customer,try to recover those who may have gone and increase sales. From AYCE Laborytax we’re going to tell you how to do it.

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Tips for customer loyalty and combating the coronavirus crisis

1. Be true to your brand

If you want to retain the customer, you must be true to your brand and your principles in every communication you maintain with your customers,to show that despite having had difficulties in these months, they will continue to receive the same service and attention as until now.

2. Don’t lose contact with customers

Another key point is to maintain communication with customers,letting them know that you have resumed the activity and that you care about them. Using social media and sending newsletters can be good allies to reach your customers.

It is important that you report possible changes that may affect them as customers,such as: schedule changes, product news, discounts,… Etc. All this will serve to improve communication, attract the public, and most importantly, retain it.

3. Reward your best customers

A good customer is a treasure, and that’s why you must try to keep it at all costs. To do this, reward and reward the best customers who have proven to be true to your brand.

This measure will result in greater confidence in your business by users,greater loyalty and an increased chance of reaching more audiences, as there is nothing better to make themselves known than satisfied customers. One option that works very well is to implement a points program with prizes for the customers who buy the most.

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4. Reinvent your services

If you’ve lost clientele, try reinventing your services to capture the public’s attention,making available more options available to buy your products or services.

In this sense, the possibilities are innumerable. You can offer the possibility to buy online, contact via WhatsApp, implement home delivery,… Etc. We guarantee that all these news will be very well received by users.

5. Improve your customer service

One of the keys to customer loyalty is to ensure good customer service,through which you can advise and resolve any questions you may have, both before purchase and after. You must offer customer service that even exceeds your own expectations.

6. Train your employees

In many businesses it happens that when the owner is, the service and the customer service is unbeatable, but the thing changes when the business is in the hands of the employees, which can directly affect customer satisfaction.

To avoid this, it is important that you train your employeescorrectly, indicating all the aspects that they must take into account when dealing with the client, in order to guarantee at all times a good service, based on the philosophy of the company.

7. Create an online store

More and more people are buying over the Internet, which has made having an online store has become a necessity for any company. In addition to offering facilities to customers, an online store allows our services or products to reach a larger audience, since through the Internet it is possible to sell worldwide, without limiting yourself to your nearest and local customers.

Advantages of customer loyalty for your business

The advantages of customer loyalty are innumerable for your business, mainly because retaining a customer is often much easier than finding newones, since the actions you will have to take will be smaller.

In addition, customer loyalty will allow you to win new customers thanks to word ofmouth, since a loyal customer who is fully satisfied, will not hesitate to recommend you to his friends and family, creating the possibility of new loyalty.

Estrategias para fidelizar al cliente

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If you had to close your business for the coronavirus and have noticed a significant loss of customers, take note of these strategies to retain the customer and regain normality as soon as possible. Because in every business, the customer always gets first.