COVID-19 y Renta

On Wednesday, April 1, the 2019 Income campaign began, which this year will be marked by the major coronavirus crisis in which the whole country is immersed, which has caused all kinds of doubts regarding the 2019 IRPF statement in the era of coronavirus; and that since AYCE Laborytax we’re going to try to solve.

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2019 Income Campaign begins despite Coronavirus Alarm Status

Everything you need to know about the 2019 IRPF statement in coronavirus times

> What is the deadline for filing the 2019 IRPF return?

Despite the coronavirus, the Tax Agency has maintained the deadline for filing the 2019 IRPF return, which c-threatenedApril 1 and ends on June 30.

Different groups requested to extend the deadline until September, with the aim of offering better care to the elderly, who are the oneswho choose the most in-person route. But so far the EAAT has not spoken out on this and therefore the deadlines are those set.

> How can I make the 2019 Income Statement?

Since April 1, 2020, the 2019 Incomedeclaration can be filed via telematics, through the AEAT website and also through its official mobile application (for smartphones and tablets). Access to the draft is done through the“Web Rental”program, identifying yourself with email, email ID, digital certificate or pin Cl@ve.

From May 5 you can also make an appointment for the “We Call You” plan,in order to receive telephone advice.

To file the declaration in person, an appointment may be requested from 13 May,as until then the AEAT offices remained closed, as a measure of health prevention by the coronavirus.

COVID-19 y Renta

> When will returns be charged?

Since about 70% of returns come back, this is one of the main doubts taxpayers have. The first returns began to be received on Friday, April 3.

The average time to receive the amount to be returned is one month, but in some cases it can be extended even to the months. In any case, the Tax Agency must have paid all returns by December 31, 2020.

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> What to do if the return comes out to pay?

If the 2019 Income statement goes out to pay, you will have to pay the amount indicated at the end of the campaign. As always, there is the possibility to pay the full amount of hit or split it into two payments. The first will pay 60% of the final amount, and in the second, the remaining 40%; with fdeadline for payment on November 5, 2020,and without any interest.

In any case, the amount to be paid is paid by a charge to the bank account by the Public Treasury.

COVID-19 y Renta

> Who has to file the 2019 IRPF return?

All those taxpayers who in 2019 got a return on work of more than EUR 22,000 or EUR 14,000 if more thanone payer has been held, those receiving compensatory pensions of any kind, or that payer who is not required to withheld; will be required to make the 2019 IRPF statement.

Covid-19 and Rent: what are the main innovations this year?

The first thing to be clear is that the measures by Covid-19 will not affect the 2019Income Statement, since the declaration corresponds to the previous financial year.

That said, the main novelty is the simplification of information relatingto the tax domicile, which will appear separately from the rest of the information, in an exclusive section, which will make it easier for taxpayers to ratify or modify the last tax domicile.

In addition, the completion of real estate capital and economic activity yieldsin direct estimation has also been improved, which is included in a single section in which all information related to real estate will appear.

COVID-19 y Renta


In short, the 2019 IRPF return is kept in the same way as always,since despite the coronavirus, any taxpayer will be able to file their return over the Internet,without having to move from their homes.

Possibly the 2020 income statement will bring significant news and modifications, due to the economic measures that have been taken during the State of Alarm.