Teletrabajo por coronavirus

Since the Government declared on 14 March the State of Alarm in our country and announce the confinement of the Spaniards,which has lasted until the end of April; teleworking has become a daily thing, beingthe measure that a large number of companies have taken, with the aim of maintaining their activity during the period of confinement.

A measure that has undoubtedly been very well received among workers,both for maintaining their jobs, and for finding an activity that allows them to be busy during the day to day now that we cannot leave home.

The problem is, despite the benefits of telework, until the arrival of coronavirus only 8% of our country’s workers had teleworked before; which means that all sorts of doubts have arisen about it.

Aware of this, and that there are many people doing teleworking for coronavirus,below we give you the keys to work from home during covid-19 confinement and be more productive.

If you’re one of those people who’s moved your job home, take note of these tips.

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Tips for teleworking for coronavirus and not lowering productivity

1. Take off your pajamas

Teletrabajo por coronavirus

Telework can invite us to stay in pajamas all day, butthis is certainly one of the biggest mistakes we can make when working at home, and therefore we must avoid it at all costs.

To telework and be productive, dressing and taking off your pajamas is essential; because this way we will be telling our brain that we are going to work, which will be easier for us to motivate ourselves and to activate our way of working.

In fact, we recommend that you dress the same way as when you went to work. If you usually wear a suit, keep doing it.

2. Create a comfortable workspace

Another important point to keep in mind with coronavirus work is to create a comfortable workspace and allow us to work in the best conditions,because if we choose to work on the sofa or in bed, there will be no doubt that our productivity will plummet.

Ideally, we have a workplace that is insulated,that has good ventilation and natural light, and to be able to be, that is free of possible distractions such as television, that could tempt us to turn it on at some point in the day.

3. Mark your own routine and plan

Teletrabajo por coronavirus

To maintain your productivity you must mark your own routine and have good planning,otherwise it will be very likely that time will pass and you have not done everything you had to do.

We recommend that you keep the same schedules as in office work,being able to delay the alarm clock slightly, since we save ourselves the trips to the workplace.

In addition, planning will help us to be clear about what we should do every day,facilitating our organization and that we can meet the objectives set.

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4. Keep in touch with colleagues

To disconnect too much we must maintain communication with co-workers,in addition, good communication is key to doing our work well.

To this day there are multiple tools that favor communication between colleagues,through which we can have a fluid and close contact, even if we are miles away. However, you have to be careful and not abuse too much, otherwise we will be more time talking to colleagues than working.

5. Rest

Teletrabajo por coronavirus

When teleworking, a lot of people end up doing more hours than they should,it’s a problem, because this can cause us to end up overloaded and not give up the way we should.

It is important to meet a schedule and take the necessary breaks, in order to disconnect and charge the batteries,so as not to be too saturated.

6. Exercise

Although it doesn’t seem like it, exercising will help us to be more productive when teleworking,as it will allow us to be more active, will help us to relieve the stress of being home all day and also to disconnect.

7. What to do with children?

Coronavirus telework can be complicated whenwe have children, as they also can’t go to school and spend all day at home, with everything that can be meant for a child, especially if it’s small.

The first thing is to assimilate that we must reconcile work with childcare,however complicated it may be, especially when they are very young.

It is important to focus on work and meet the objectives, butalso to care for children, and for this we must have flexibility, and be aware that our working hours could change, since our working day is added other tasks such as childcare.

You need to let your company know this situation, so that it takes it into account,and look for the most effective way not to lose your productivity.

Teletrabajo por coronavirus


If you’ve been forced to telework for coronavirus, and it’s the first time you’ve worked from home, we hope that with these tips it’s easier for you to get into the habit as soon as possible and stay productive.

And most importantly, remember to stay home.