Síndrome del trabajador quemado

A worker exposed to constant work stress can end up developing chronicstress, which in many cases is accompanied by physical and psychic problems, which gradually cause the worker to be wasted and demotivized, being less and less productive for the company.

This situation is known as
“burned worker syndrome”,
which is characterized by a physical and mental exhaustion of workers, and a significant lack of performance.

It’s very important detect it on time and take steps to prevent burnout in your business, both for the sake of your workers, to be able to help them reverse this situation, and for the sake of your company, since the performance of workers suffering from burned worker syndrome or ‘burnout’ plummets.

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What is burned employee syndrome?

Burnt worker syndrome is an increasingly present emotional disorder in the workplace,caused by constant stress at work and the lifestyle of employees, which can have serious consequences for the person suffering from it, both physically and psychologically.

Síndrome del trabajador quemado

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized this disorder as a working disease that affects approximately 10% of the workforce worldwide.

The most common symptoms of burned worker syndrome are depression, anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion,and it occurs mainly in employees who have chosen their jobs vocationally, and in the financial, commercial, health and customer service sectors.

At first burnout syndromemainly affects working life, but if no solution is put, it could also affect all everyday situations, including social and family life.

A problem that is increasingly present within companies, and that causes many employees to be forced to apply for leave by burned worker syndrome.

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Guidelines for detecting burnout in your business

The National Institute of Safety and Hygiene at Work has identified burned worker syndrome in four phases,with the aim of helping companies and employees detect it, in order to take the necessary measures to put a solution to it.

  • Enthusiasm: Especially when it comes to a vocational job that is dreamed of from a young age, it is common for the workerto have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, have very positive expectations and do not mind lengthening the working day and doing overtime. This can be positive at first, but over time and without realizing it, it can lead to significant wear and tear.
  • Stagnation: Another phase that occurs in most cases of burnout or burnout worker syndrome is stagnation, which appears when the professional expectations placed in the job are not being met. When this occurs, it is common for there to be a significant imbalance between the effort and the results obtained.
  • Frustration: From stagnation we turn to frustration, which comes accompanied by demotion and demoralization. Here the worker gradually loses the illusion of work, which causes great irritation, leading to conflict and bad environment with the rest of the workers.
  • Apathy: The last phase of burnt employee syndrome is apathy, presentinga change of attitude towards a defensive posture, which in some cases becomes unsustainable its presence in the workplace.

Síndrome del trabajador quemadoHow to prevent and fix burnout or burnout worker syndrome?

As this is an increasingly common disorder, it is important that companies take steps to try to prevent and solve burnout or burnout syndrome,both to help their own workers and to avoid decreases in their productivity.

The most important thing to be able to act on is that when we detect that a worker is excessively burned and disconnected, we offer professional help to diagnose the problem, and to receive therapy that helps you reduce stress.

Factors that cause work stress need to be detected and the most effective solution sought, to make workers more relaxed.

To do this, one of the most effective actions is to promote relaxation techniques and physical exercise,which are two practices that are proven to help reduce workers’ anxiety, unload adrenaline and disconnect from work problems.

In addition, having a physical therapist on staff to discharge the physical tension of workers is also highly recommended, since burnout syndrome generates physical problems and muscle aches of all kinds.

Another option is to turn to a professional who teaches workers to manage emotions,helping them to emerge successfully from complicated situations and maintain an assertive posture.


Also, practicing“Team Bulding”will also be very beneficial for workers,as it is a practice aimed at improving the productivity and attitude of employees, promoting teamwork and cohesion between different workers.

Finally, inviting workers to lead a healthy lifestyle is critical, it is key to rest the number of hours needed and to bring a diet that does not cause problems at work.

Síndrome del trabajador quemado


Burned worker syndrome occurs when an employee is exposed to high levels of work stress, and is accompanied by significant mental and physical wear and tear, resulting in a decrease in their productivity and an inadequate working environment.

On the part of companies it is important to try to detect it as soon as possible, in addition to taking the necessary measures to prevent it, and put solution to it.