Ideas innovadoras para emprender con éxito en 2020

If one of your challenges for this 2020 is to set up your own business, but you are still not sure which sector you want to start in, AYCE Laborytax we bring you a total of 7 business ideas to successfully undertake in this 2020,with which you can start your business in the best possible way.

We know that undertaking is noteasy, especially with the high competitiveness that exists in the market, so we have selected some innovative and profitable business ideas that escape traditional conventionalisms and that today adapt to the needs of the younger audience.

These business ideas have been selected based on today’s most profitable business trends, after extensive market research and study. So, if you want to undertake successfully in 2020, take note of these ideas.

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The 7 innovative business ideas in 2020

1 – Virtual reality or augmented reality

Virtual reality or augmented reality was already trending in 2019, and will continue to be so in 2020 and in the years to come. It is present in more and more sectors, and in countries like the United States it is very settled in the business world. In Spain, predictably, it will soon be done.

Without a doubt, investing in virtual reality is an innovative yet secure business idea. However, to succeed with this idea it is essential to surround yourself with experienced professionals, and that they are perfectly able to develop it, since you must be able to offer something different from what already exists in the market.

Ideas innovadoras para emprender con éxito en 2020

2 – Big Data

Big Data is a safe investment. The era of data analysis has just begun, and the best is expected to be coming, with 2020 being one of the most important years for its development.

Undoubtedly, Big Data has become a necessity for companies,allowing them to access important data about their customers, employees and competitors, which subsequently help them create different strategies.

3 – Scientific, technological and other research

The world lives in constant progress and every day that passes new needs appear in the scientific, technological and other fields such as engineering or medicine; requiring entrepreneurs to bet on developing research models within these fields.

This means that in the coming years there will be a high demand for companies specialized in these sectors,being one of the most profitable niches to invest.

Ideas innovadoras para emprender con éxito en 2020

4 – Charging stations for electric vehicles

Although they are not yet wholely seated, more and more electric cars are seen on the streets,and are expected to be even more so in the coming years.

This will lead to the need to have charging stations for electric vehicles,which although we can still count them with our fingers, we have no doubt that in the future they will have a leading role, being as important as gas stations today.

That’s why charging stations for electric vehicles are a safe bet,showing itself as one of the most innovative and cost-effective ideas for 2020.

5 – Mobile app development

Mobile apps have sneaked into our lives – and they don’t seem to be going out in a long time – so undertaking in mobile app development is a very important option to consider. And it’s just a business that, far from stalling, only grows.

In fact, IT engineers ensure that the future of the sector is through the development of mobile applications,because today whenever we need any information we use a mobile app to obtain it.

6 – Online marketing

Currently the success of any business is largely based on its presence on the Internet,as the business experts say “if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist”.

This has led to more and more web businesses requiring online marketing specialists to enhance their projects and guide them to success.

Although it must be said that the number of online marketing companies is very wide and there is great competition, if you invest in your own online marketing company, analyzing the needs of the public and offering them a quality service that differs from the rest, you have a good chance of getting a great return.

7 – Healthy food restaurant

Ideas innovadoras para emprender con éxito en 2020

And another innovative business idea to undertake in 2020 is healthy food. Setting up a healthy food restaurant, is a business idea that is very booming, since more and more people are committed to eating a healthy and balanced diet, where fresh and natural foods play a leading role. It’s what’s known as the “real food” movement. Betting on this type of business is certainly key to success.


After analyzing the market and reviewing the main trends, these are the 7 innovative and profitable ideas to undertake in 2020 that you must be aware of. Good ideas to take the step and fulfill your goal of becoming an entrepreneur.