Creating a good working environment and increasing employee productivity is shown as one of the main objectives of every employer, since the performance of employees directly depends on whether good results can be obtained. Hence the importance of having good workspaces that help improve time management.

If we start from the basis that the majority of employees spend 8 hours or more in their jobs, it is essential that they have adequate and perfectly equipped facilities,which allow them to feel comfortable and give their best throughout the working day. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for them to meet their goals.

Therefore from AYCE Laborytax we have thought very interesting, at the same time useful, to make a post in which we will give the 5 hallmarks that have the workspaces that favor the productivity of employees,so that you take them into account, and put everything on your side to favor the good performance of employees.

Tips for creating workspaces that improve employee performance


#1- Open and perfectly equipped spaces

In recent times there is a trend as far as workspaces are concerned: open spaces.

It is proven that in those companies that have open workspaces, workers perform more and feel much more comfortable. Also, this type of spaces improve communication between employees and generate a better work environment.

In addition, the space intended for each worker must be perfectly equipped,with an ergonomic chair, a large enough desk, and proper lighting to avoid eye strain.

It is also important that there is ventilation and a good temperature,as otherwise it could cause thermal discomfort, and a drop in productivity.

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#2- Rest areas

It is impossible for a worker to stay productive for 8 hoursa day, without getting up from the chair at any time or taking some time to rest.

That said, it is highly recommended that a company has areas enabled for the rest of the workers,which allow them to disconnect from work for a few minutes, rest, take some time to reorganize ideas, have lunch, etc.

Here the possibilities are innumerable, but experts say that the most advisable thing is to create a space that has a cafeteria area,sofas or armchairs for rest, and to be able to be, with the possibility of going outdoors.

#3- Masseuse

More and more companies are choosing to incorporate a masseuse in the workforce,so that their workers can disconnect and alleviate the tensions accumulated both by the workload, and by sitting for hours in their workplace.

And the reality is that those companies that have opted to include a masseuse in the workforce, have greatly increased the productivity and motivation of their employees. In addition, they have also reduced work absences.

No wonder, since the benefits of massages are innumerable:

  • Reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety
  • Relieves muscle tension, headaches, backaches and improve posture
  • Improves mental focus
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Increases energy
  • Improves well-being, commitment and motivation

#4- The importance of colors


We usually underestimate the importance of colors when painting the walls of an office and choosing the furniture, but the reality is that certain shades cause a series of sensations in the brain, capable of improving the productivity of employees and generating a good work environment.

According to different studies, there are six recommended colors when creating workspaces:

  • Orange: given its intense hue, it helps workers to stay active and enhances their creativity.
  • Blue: Blue provides calm, tranquility and improves the confidence of workers. Very suitable for jobs in which the details make a difference.
  • White: white increases the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity, which favors the mind to relax.
  • Red– The benefits offered by red to employees are the same as those offered by orange.
  • Yellow: the sun reminds the sun, which translates into greater joy and optimism of the workers.
  • Green: if you are looking to encourage the creativity of your employees, the green color is the most appropriate. If it seems too intense, you can opt for emerald or jade tones.

#5- Adds nature

Including plants in workspaces is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make employees feel comfortable, promote their productivity and also their cognitive attention.

The plants in addition to making a leap in quality to the decoration and improving the aesthetics of the office, filter the air and help eliminate mold and bacteria in the environment.


One of the main concerns of every employer should be to make available to their employees, workspaces that promote the good working environment and increase productivity.

Take note of the 4 keys that we have just shared, and create a suitable workspace, and adapted to the new times and needs of workers.