According to Eurostat data collected by the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE), environmental taxes generate 5.7% of Spain’s tax revenues, this figure is below the 6.3% of the EU average.


Environmental taxes are those that fall on energy, transport, pollution and also on the use of certain raw materials. Among these, energy contributes the most to the set of environmental taxes, compared to taxes on transport or taxes on pollution and the use of certain raw materials.

Impuestos medioambientales

The countries that contribute the most to the overall environmental tax revenue are Slovenia (10.5%), Bulgaria (10.1%) and Croatia (9.6%). Denmark and the Netherlands stand at 9%, while Ireland reaches 8.5%. Greece, Malta and Cyprus share 8.2%, while Estonia and Italy are around 8%.

The United Kingdom reaches 7.4% and together with Hungary, Finland and Portugal, exceed the EU average of 28. For its part, the Czech Republic and Lithuania are a few tenths of the European average (6.3%), while Spain, with 5.7%, is located like Luxembourg below, along with Austria, Sweden and Germany, which have figures close to 5.5%. Finally, there are Belgium and France, both with 4.5% of their tax revenues from environmental taxes.