Gestión del tiempo

If you have a company, our post today will be very interesting as well as useful. Here you will find a series of essential tips to improve
the time management
of your employees that, carried out, allow you to be much more productive,gain in health and enjoy more free time.

Some recommendations that, in short, will change the life of your company; because the rush was never a good companion, let alone during a working day.

And it is that working in a hurry the only thing that causes is that many things are done without even thinking about what is being done, inciting to make wrong decisions and that the worker is not at ease and, therefore, is not productive.

Therefore, we recommend that you take note of the useful tips that we are going to give you to improve time management in your company. You will see that the results do not take long to arrive.

Recommendations to manage time and improve the productivity of your company’s employees

1 – Clear objectives


The first stone to improve the time management of employees and make them more productive, is to set a series of clear objectives.

The reason is none other than that, having marked purposes, they will know what they have to work on, and most importantly, they will be able to measure whether or not the effort made has paid off.

It is important that these marked objectives are disseminated and clear to all employees, since in some way we could say that they will be the goal towards which they will have to go.

2 – The importance of the agenda

The agenda is fundamental to increase productivity, in fact, we could say that it will be the best ally of employees.

In it they will be able to plan and write down any relevant aspect, reducing the chances of forgetfulness, interruptions and having to perform improvisations that, in general, never go well.

3 – Clarification of tasks

It is common that within a company, employees are not clear about the tasks that each of them must perform. This is a serious mistake.

Therefore, it is important that, before starting any type of project, you make sure that all your employees know for sure the tasks they have assigned to each one, which is what they have to do,as well as the deadlines available to carry it out.

4 – Priorities


Starting from the basis that not all tasks are equally important, it is essential that the employees of your company learn to prioritize.

Here it is best to plan the tasks by importance and urgency,and from there, perform them according to the balance they keep between importance and urgency.

5 – Quick tasks: first

This point is closely linked to the previous one, and refers to the desirable that it is recommended that those quick tasks that do not require too much effort and can be done in just a few minutes, are carried out as soon as possible.

The reason is none other than to get rid of them without the to-do list continuing to increase.

6 – Rest

Getting organized and learning to prioritize is very important, but so is rest.

There is nothing worse for an employee’s productivity than tiredness. For this reason, it is better to take about thirty minutes to disconnect,returning to the load once they are more rested. The performance will be much higher.

7 – Control email


Email today plays a leading role in the day to day of the employees of any company.

The problem is that there is the situation that it is usually email that controls employees,when they should be the ones who control their inboxes.

So that this does not happen, the use of filters that allow classifying pending emails as urgent, important, interesting and dispensable, is key, as well as setting a period of time only for reading and answering emails.

8 – Eliminate distractions

To improve the time management of employees it is necessary to end all possible distractions,which are not few: mobile phone, unnecessary meetings, endless conversations … etc.

You must be attentive and make sure to detect what the distractions are to reduce them to the maximum. In this way, they will gain a lot of time to focus on performing their tasks.

9 – You have to be realistic

It’s okay to strive to try to improve your employees’ time management and productivity, but always within limits.

You must be realistic and NOT set goals that are out of reach for workers.

Otherwise, far from obtaining good results, the only thing you will achieve is to increase the frustration of employees and reduce their productivity.

10 – Delegate

And finally, it is important to make your employees aware of the need to delegate tasks when they see that they will not be able to cover them themselves.

It is better to be aware that you will not be able to meet the deadlines set and ask for help from a colleague, than not to get to deliver the work on time.



Getting to improve
the time management
of your company’s employees is not so complicated if you know how. Do not hesitate to apply this type of advice in your company and you will see how the productivity of your workers rises like foam. But if you need help, do not hesitate to contact us to lend a hand.